The Criminal Use of Mental Illness

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6기 박유미 (You Mi Park)

Foucault is famous for having brought a critical eye to the mental institutions of history in his “Madness and Civilization”. In the past, he writes, the mad were simply seen as people with wildly different points of view, and while they could not be wholly understood, the people of the Renaissance embraced their differences and protected them in separate housing where they were free to roam naked, both literally and figuratively, through the gardens of tolerance and acceptance. Now, Foucault argues, the “otherization” has ensured the complete separation of the mad from the norm, labeling them as broken, and often keeping them against their will, for they are not seen as willed creatures. 계속 읽기 “The Criminal Use of Mental Illness”

Accountability of Epidemics Journalism

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6기 박유미 (You Mi Park)


Every epidemic accompanies with it the expediencies of the journalists required to inform the citizens. What better time to get more viewers than dealing with health issues that no one is immune to? The recent MERS outbreak in South Korea is a prime example of a public that was taken in for fools when the virus was exaggerated on the media. Compared to common cold, the contagiousness of the disease was on par, if not less, and the lethality was still far less than more common place contagions such as hepatitis. However, the death count grabbed headlines day and night, and the reporters had their hayday, showing everything from contagious regions to hospitals and specific individuals. Sensationalism must have its limits, and the only sure limit can be set with the law. 계속 읽기 “Accountability of Epidemics Journalism”

Necessary Choice

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6기 박유미 (You Mi Park)


The recent trends in America for parents to reject vaccination of kids have been shocking. More than 10% of the adult American population with children is refusing to have their kids immunized (Calandrillo, 353). Immunization seems to be a common sense practice to ward off the diseases they are meant to prevent, and the microbiological theory that have been developed since Pasteur discovered penicillin in the nineteenth century have shown time and again the importance of primary exposure for a stronger resistance to secondary exposure. Despite this hard evidence, parents choose to rely on unfounded data that vaccination can cause autism and hence leave their children undefended, unprotected, and unhealthy. 계속 읽기 “Necessary Choice”